My Blog Experience



Overall, I have really enjoyed my experience blogging. The WordPress site is very easy to navigate and figure out. I didn’t experience any problems with any of the tools and felt they were all super useful and effective. The most useful tool for me was being able to set a certain day to publish your blog. Something I’d like to include in my blog in the future would be more diversity on the page, such as adding a lifestyle or health column. The tools I’ve learned throughout this experience have taught me how to easily communicate the things I’ve done and how they’ve impacted me.

The week of March 6th was my most popular week, I had 14 views and 8 different visitors. My post about my trip to Big Bend National Park was my most popular post from this year with 4 views. I think that was my most popular post because it had the most pictures on it. Out of all the site states none of them were really surprising to me, I didn’t expect to have very many views on any of my post since I just started my blog within the past couple months.

This was my favorite project I’ve done throughout my college career. It was not only enjoyable but really useful. I will most likely continue updating my blog with my future travel adventures.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 3.20.01 PM


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