Reviewing a Fellow Travel Blogger!

I was recently looking at some other travel blogs and came across one that I really enjoyed and wanted to share. Hey Nadine is a travel/lifestyle blog done by a travel vlogger, videographer, and blogger named Nadine Sykora. She covers everything from travel tips to beauty + lifestyle, plus she has a comedy youtube channel.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.21.06 AM

In my opinion travel blogs can quickly start to seem like they are all the same, most generally have the same kind of posts. It’s difficult to make your blog stand out of the others. Nadine did a great job at doing just that. Many things can help differentiate a blog from all the rest, 2 things major things stood out to me when reading this blog.

The first thing is the diversity in content. She tells stories from her past adventures, talks about places she wants to go, gives tips and recommendations for others, and shares nutritional, beauty and fashion advice. She has one post where she gives fitness tips while traveling, I thought that was really cool because that’s something that I struggle with and found her tips really helpful.

The second thing was the layout and style of her website. The homepage of a blog is the very first thing you see, and in most cases if the website doesn’t stand out to you you aren’t going to stay on the website very long. Nadine’s website is put together great, everything is easy to find and navigate. She also has a lot of beautiful pictures throughout her website. Her blog really catches your eye from the jump.

I’m really glad I stumbled across her blog. Not only is it very entertaining and informative, but it has also inspired me. I can only hope that one day my blog is anything like hers!

You can also follow her on Instagram& Twitter username is @heynadine!


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