My Unforgettable Travel Experiences

Everyone who has traveled has at least one of those experiences that make you wish you could stop time and stay in that moment forever.



One of my favorite memories was in 2015 when I was in Greece. On my second morning there we woke up early to get on a ferry that was taking us to several different islands off the coast of Athens. We went to three islands – Hydra, Patmos, and Mykonos. We stopped at Mykonos last. When we stopped their we immediately got onto another smaller boat that took us to a private beach. Now don’t get me wrong, the other two islands where beautiful, but when we got off the boat and onto the beach the view was so amazing it didn’t look real. The water was crystal clear, soft sand covered the beach, and magnificent mountains surrounded us. Not to mention the weather was nearly perfect.I remember standing in water looking around convinced it wasn’t real because nothing this beautiful could possibly be real.


The other memory was one from this past summer while I was studying abroad in Barcelona. While I was there my group and I traveled to Montserrat, a town about an our out of the city.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Montserrat was a small town located on a mountain. In order to get to the actual town you had to take a lift up the side of the mountain. Once we got to the town we took another lift to where you could hike to the top of the mountain. It was about a 45 minute hike, but it wasn’t easy the trail was very steep. At one point on the trail you have to hold onto a rope that’s on the path so you wouldn’t fall over. The view from the top of the mountain was literally breathtaking. You could city everything from there, the cities, the beaches, and all the incredible landscape. It was one of those views that I’ll never be able to get out of my head.


What made both of those experiences even more special was the people I got to share them with. The memories you get to share with people important to you will always be the best memories.



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