Advantages of Traveling

0a7445d4-ddb2-48dd-998d-2c96a1a861c4Aside from most likely having the time of your life and making memories that last a lifetime, there are endless benefits that traveling allows you to have. I have come up with 3 of the most important things you gain from traveling:

  1. Perspective

In my opinion this is the most important and life changing thing gained from traveling. Being away from home and away from all the things your used to opens a brand-new way of thinking. It allows us to come up with our own views on things.

  1. Compassion

Not everyone around the world is a fortunate as most of us are. As college student, I find myself complaining about little things such as school, money, etc. It’s easy to forget that college is a privilege that a lot of people around the world don’t get to experience. Having an awareness of how other people live not only allows us think differently about our lives but to be more grateful.

  1. Independence

While traveling, you are away from your normal support system which gives you the opportunity to see what you are capable of doing yourself. Traveling allows you to develop yourself in ways that wouldn’t be able to without stepping out of your comfort zone.


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