There’s No Better Time Than Now

Hi! My name is Tallie, I’m currently a student at Texas State University studying Public Relations. I plan on doing a blog on traveling as a college student. Over my life I have traveled around Europe, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada. Most recently I spent a month in Barcelona, Spain through a study abroad program.

Traveling not only opens up a world of opportunities, but exposes you to different cultures, people and experiences that you never knew existed. Traveling can literally change a person, it changes your perspective on life and the world. Traveling teaches you things that a book never could.

Many people will argue that traveling during college isn’t a good idea because you have to many responsibilities or should be focusing on school and that’s it. Throughout this blog I will explore the reasons why right now is the best time to go. I want to show college students like myself how important it is to travel at this time in our lives and hopefully give them tips on on how to make it possible.


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